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"Real Life Mind Reader"


-Rashed Ali Alansari, GM, Al Ansari Exchange UAE-April 2011

Corporate Entertainer Ferris Yao has stunned thousands of audiences worldwide. Forget Mind readers of yesteryear, his performances are not based on hocus-pocus mumbo-jumbo, but cutting edge use of Psychology, theater, comedy and mystery. In Ferris's hands your guests will experience events that are utterly impossible.

Perfect for.....

▪ After Dinner Entertainment

▪ Corporate Events

▪ Large Staged Events

▪ Trade Shows

▪ Weddings

▪ Promotional 

Sophisticated Corporate Entertainment

Need one of a kind entertainment for your Corporate Event or high profile function?

Imagine your guest becoming the stars of the show, apparently having their thoughts revealed. Ferris will leave you and your guest mystified. His program is all about fun and audience participation, this form of entertainment is suited for any group of people out to enjoy themselves. Relax knowing that your guest are in the hands of the best in mystery art performanceand corporate entertainment.

Ferris is a corporate entertainer and performs for one reason, his love of seeing the smiles on peoples faces when they see him perform. He is a favorite with corporate event companies and private functions. He has performed for royalty and dignitaries including the the princess of Brunei (2010), Lee Kuan Yew the first prime minister of Singapore (2004) companies such as Canon, IWC, Hewlett Packard, Tag heuer and Emirates airlines just to name a few.

Ferris offers showtimes of 30 minutes to an hour and a half of a staged Psychological Mind Reading show and Emcee services.

He seemingly reads the minds of your guests influences your thoughts using a mixture of "Verbal communication, Nonverbal communication, Misdirection techniques, Psychology and Perceptual manipulation to create the illusion of a sixth sense.

Ferris Yao is a multi-faceted talent who started out in acting in the 1999 local film 'Eating Air" by Kelvin Tong. In it, he played a leading role as one of the five main characters, and since then, he has also acted in various local television productions including "Growing Up" and "HeartLanders". 

He is also an active theatre performer having his first theatre performance in the 2002 Dick Lee Musical "Remix" by the Singapore Repertory Theatre and his other theatre credits includes local comedian Kumar's "what makes a man a man", "Michael Chiang's "Army Daze" and "High Class", Jack Neo's movie turned Musical "Ah boys to men" and Dream academy's "Dim Sum Dollies". 

Email:                        Phone: +65 96914466

What is Mentalism

MENTALISM is one of the MAGICAL ARTS, Popularised in recent times by DARREN BROWN, mentalism deals with the mind and the border between magic and myth; science and fantasy; illusion and reality. Whilst mentalists may allude to 'psychic' abilities they are not psychics. Mentalists have studied human psychology and behaviour. Mentalists have an understanding of the link between language and perception. Mentalists understand the way the mind deceives itself and so exploit that in order to entertain. Mentalism is the craft of the Mentalist and as such It is based within the realms of science but hints at realities beyond the rational. Mentalism is an entertainment which when performed well, inspires questions, provokes emotional responses and creates a momentary sense of awe.What ever you see a mentalist do remember that they are trying to manipulate your perceptions in order to create illusions which will appear to be demonstrations of heightened perception, paranormal ability and psychological mind control. Mentalists are Magicians who think differently about the world and the illusions they create in order to move the minds and emotions of their audiences. Know that they are using tricks, psychology and artistically created behavioural frameworks and enjoy the experience that their studies have allowed them to create for you. If a Mentalist does what your favourite Psychic can do I wonder if this will lead you to question what you have assumed based upon what you believe or wish to be true!

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